24 Core Server - Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4116 Custom

This processor is considered the most core rich and the most expensive among Intel’s silver lineup of CPU’s. This CPU has 12 cores and 24 threads and has a base clock frequency of 2.10 GHz and has a Max Turbo Frequency of 3.00 GHz, Cache of 16.5 MB L3 Cache And it runs at 85W TDP.

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Core Count

This Intel CPU, The Xeon silver 4116 is one the server grade processors who have such a high core count you can extent or limit the cores and thread.

Total Control and Maximum Performance


Get the high user experience with the increased modified speed.

Powerful performance

Cache Pool

This processor has a large amount of cache which is Cache of 16.5 MB L3 but also by buying our Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4116 Custom plan you get the freedom to increase or decrease the cache pool.

Ultimate Power, Performance, Security.

Thermal Design Power

Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4116 runs at a TDP of 85 W each user can also customize the same as per their needs.