5 IP’s Dedicated Server

Get the best dedicated server from Hostinc and fulfill all your demands. We provide our customers with one of the best dedicated servers, and with the exact requirements that they want. We also offer dedicated servers with 5 IPs and we also offer you a 24/7 expert support team to solve all your queries and help you with your problems.

dedicated server

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Total Control and Maximum Performance

Dedicate IP Pool

We provide you 5 IP’s address with each dedicated server you can also demand for additional IP’s according to your need.

Power & Network Uptime Guarantees and 24/7/365 support

More connections

Multiple IP’s mean multiple connections at once. This gives your business an upper hand when it comes to load handling.

Powerful performance

Traffic handling

As you have got multiple IP’s your server will be able to handle a lot more traffic than usual.

Ultimate Power, Performance, Security.

24/7 Support

We have a very good support team always at your service. They work 24/7 to resolve all your queries.