DirectAdmin is a web hosting control panel software developed to make administration of websites easier using graphical, web-based interface. And on top of all that direct admin licenses are easy to get when you have the right partner like us. And you can also manage unlimited number of websites, email accounts, manage DNS, view statistics etc.  DirectAdmin automates most of your tasks as an admin so that your servers could be easily shared and let you quickly set-up and manage web sites. Access the DirectAdmin advantages by purchasing our pocket friendly licenses


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Total Control and Maximum Performance

Control users

This feature of DirectAdmin helps you to view every single user accounts on your system and sort them in various ways.

Power & Network Uptime Guarantees and 24/7/365 support

Website management

With direct admin you can easily build and control hundreds of website from anywhere and with ease.

Powerful performance

Usage statistics

This feature is designed to give you complete view of your system usage from the server.

Ultimate Power, Performance, Security.

SPAM tools

Large variety of SPAM-countering tools is integrated in DirectAdmin.