Dual Xeon E5-2670 128GB

Overall, the dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 is a solid setup that shows a lot of performance potential. Along with 128GB 2x 2TB SSD you get a very good deal in performance. Each one of this processor comes with 2.6 GHz of base clock frequency and a 3.3GHz of all core max turbo frequency. It has an 8 GT/s QPI (4000 MHz) 5 GT/s DMI bus speed. It has 8 x 256 KB 8-way set associative caches and 20 MB 20-way set associative shared cache. It supports 384 GB memory per socket and Runs on a TDP of 115 W.

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Thermal Design Power

This processor is excellent at managing its TDP at only 115W.

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Core Frequency:-

Dual Xeon E5-2670 128GB 2x 2TB SSD has a base frequency of 2.6 GHz. and max turbo frequency of 3.3 GHz.

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For storage options you get 128GB 2x 2TB SSD, which are sufficient for almost all tasks.