Dual Xeon Silver 4114

Intel Xeon Silver 4114 has 10 cores / 20 threads, 2.2GHz base and on top of that 3.0GHz turbo boost with 13.75MB L3 cache and much more. This CPU features a 85W TDP. This is a one of the best Intel has maintained for years. This server oriented processor has all the capabilities to perform your task. It supports 64 bit computing. And have a 10 x 1 MB 16-way set associative caches along with 13.75 MB non-inclusive shared cache. With 9.6 GT/s UPI bus speed and supports 768 GB of memory.

dedicated server

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Total Control and Maximum Performance

Support Power

This processor supports up 768 GiB of hexa-channel DDR4-2400 ECC memory.

Power & Network Uptime Guarantees and 24/7/365 support

Thermal Design Power

This processor is excellent at managing its TDP at only 85W.

Powerful performance

High Frequency

This Processor has an excellent base frequency of 2.2 GHz also max turbo frequency of 3 GHz.

Ultimate Power, Performance, Security.

Core Count

This CPU has 10-core and 20 threads.