I7-3700 120GB SSD+2TB

For starters, the Intel Core i7 3770 K has four cores and it’s not clocked any higher than the 2700K. Nor does it have any additional cache memory but Intel Core i7 3770 / 3.4 GHz processor features 4 cores and runs on a socket of LGA 1155 and has a base clock of 3.4 GHz and provides Max Turbo Speed of 3.9 GHz, it also has a TDP of 77 W. and a smart cache of 8 MB also you get a 12gb SSD+ a 2 TB HDD.

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Best Thermal Design Power

This processor is excellent at managing its TDP at only 77W at any given time on factory clocks.

Total Control and Maximum Performance

Core Count

This Intel i7 3770k processor features up to 4 cores and runs on an 1155 socket.

Powerful performance

Extra Storage support:-

The user also gets a 12GB SSD + a 2TB HDD for improved server performance

Ultimate Power, Performance, Security.

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