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  •  Automated Billing
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  •   Support Tools
  •   Control Panel and Domain
  •   Secure and Scalable

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cheap whmcs license

Cheap WHMCS license


  •   Last Version 8.3.x Support
  •   No Branding and Copyright
  •   Free Project Management Plugin
  •   Free Licensing Addon Plugin
  •   Free Android App Support
  •   Free iPhone App Support
  •   Free Mobile Edition
  •   Free Configurable Package Addon
  •   Mobile Edition
  •   Easy to install
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  •   Without any account limitation
  •   Free 24/7 support
  •   Ability to replace normal license
  •   Realtime update from official servers
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  •   No refund feature

Why Choose Dedicated Server from Hostinc?


What is Dedicated Server?

A web hosting is a service offered by web hosting provider by which you can make your website available on the internet. A web hosting provider provides space in their web server to store website data. The server space comes with a nominal amount that client need to pay to the service provider.


What is Server Uptime?

Server uptime means how functional and productive your web server can be. The functionality of web server defines the functionality of your website. More server uptime means a more functional website.


What is a Datacenter?

A datacenter is a place where many web servers are kept. A datacenter is specially made keeping the safety and security of a web server. Staff takes care of temperature, humidity, cleanliness, lighting of a datacenter and maintains server friendly environment.


Why Web Server are required?

A web server is the most important element when it comes to host a website on the internet. A web server provides space to a website to store its important data so that it can be accessed by the intent users on the internet.