Terms & Conditions

All of our terms and conditions are accepted when utilizing our web services. This contract is made in the name of Hostinc (We or us), you, your business, and any other formatives. Thank you for carefully reading our terms and conditions. The required regulations and copyright safeguards protect all of the information. This means that you cannot copy or change our material.

All guarantees and conditions are disclaimed by us. We solely adhere to Indian New Delhi Court jurisdiction. Due to any improbable reason, including hostile activity or technical flaws that could compromise security, the company has the right to cancel or suspend the web services that you have acquired from us.

   Backup Policy

To safeguard your website's data, we keep a backup of it. Your data's security is important to us, and we cherish it. We monitor backups and often update your backup. For hosting, you would need to pay Rs. 1000 plus GST if you ask for a backup copy of your website.

   Server Management

EWe also offer server administration services to our clients because we are aware that in order to expand a business, a company must concentrate on its most crucial processes and implement critical business expansion strategies. Due to this, we offer server management services at the lowest possible price. To learn more about the server management specifics, contact us at any time at sales@hostinc.in.

   Data Request Policy

Regarding client accounts, criminal investigations, and legal activities, our data request policy applies. We abide by the law and only supply data that has been subject to Indian verification. • Court orders, subpoenas, search warrants, and other urgent legal matters. By including the client's name, email address, domain name, and IP address linked to the account when requesting the data via email, a customer must.

Additionally, depending entirely on the current circumstance, we might charge for responding to unwarranted requests. non-content information such as the Name, Email, Creation Date, IP Log, and Billing Information of a basic subscription. Only with a valid search warrant and following all necessary legal procedures is the content information, such as website files and email content, shared.

   Support Services

Every time one of our customers encounters a technical problem, we are here to assist them 24/7. A customer can contact us at any time, anywhere, through Live Chat, Phone Call, Tickets, etc. We treat every one of our customers with the highest respect and ask that they do the same for our support staff. Even though certain problems could take longer to address than others, we make every effort to fix your problem as soon as possible.

Your web services could be terminated if support staff members treat you abusively. Additionally, as it is deemed unethical to create numerous tickets for the same issue, we will delay resolving it for up to 24 hours.

Create Ticket

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