VPS Unleashed: Your Guide to Improved VPS Performance

Develop the essential components that transform hosting solutions with VPS. The numerous advantages of adopting VPS technology are explained in our guide, which covers everything from increased speed and dependability to adaptable scalability. Utilize cloud-based hosting to the fullest extent possible to realize the potential of your application or website.

Technical Support
Free DDoS
Monitoring and


Processor RAM HDD Included Price
Intel Pentium Processor G3250 2x3.2GHz
Deliver Time: 2-7 days
8GB DDR4 500GB HDD • 1 IPv4
• 100 Mbps Channel
• 1Gbps Network Port
FREE Setup
Intel Pentium Processor G3250 2x3.2GHz
Deliver Time: 2-7 days
4GB DDR4 500GB HDD • 1 IPv4
• 100 Mbps Channel
• Intel® HD Graphics (OpenGL 4.3)
FREE Setup
Intel Celeron G1610 2x2.4GHz
Deliver Time: 5-7 days
4GB DDR4 500GB HDD • 1 IPv4
• 100 Mbps Channel
• 1Gbps Network Port
FREE Setup
UK - Dedi2
2x 2650L v4 /56 Core
Deliver Time: 1-2 days
64GB DDR4 2x 1T SSD Storage •1 IP
•30T Traffic
• 10 Gbps Port
FREE Setup
Intel Core i7-2600 4x3.4GHz
Deliver Time: 2-5 days
16GB DDR4 RAM 500GB HDD / 500GB HDD DISK • 1 IPv4 IP
•100 Mbps Channel
• 1Gbps Network Port
FREE Setup

Benefits of Hosting a Dedicated VPS

Panels for Control

Install any control panel on your virtual private server (VPS) to ensure smooth operation and not limit yourself.

Use Popular CMS for Your Websites

Hostinc's virtual dedicated servers enable you to use any widely used CMS for your project. Easy installation that only requires a few clicks.

Cost Effective

Our VPS has a controlled and optimized performance setup at a reasonable cost—no need to pay extra or unstated fees.

Unmetered Internet Speed

The bandwidth issue affects a lot of people. We give you unlimited bandwidth, so there won't ever be a drop in website traffic.

Use with
Dedicated ServersThe VPS configuration did not fit? We’ll offer you a more reliable option - a dedicated server. Both managed and unmanaged servers are available.
From$60.00 /mo
VPS Virtual private server by Hostinc guarantees the uninterrupted function of your project on the Internet.
From$5.00 /mo

Hostinc Virtual Private Servers Consist

The exceptional professionalism and efficiency of Hosting technical support set it apart. We value the peace of mind you possess.

Increased Performance

Optimizing for specific applications maximizes your investment by extracting every last bit of performance from your server.

Early and Proactive Monitoring

If our monitoring detects a problem, our staff is prepared to act. Frequently, we will solve an issue before you even realize it.


In the event of the worst, your data is protected by our unique backup policy, offsite storage, integrity checking, encryption, and reporting facilities.


VPS/VDS hosting is a virtual dedicated server. This is an isolated virtual environment on a dedicated server, with a certain allocated capacity of CPU, RAM, and disk space. Dedicated servers usually feature several individually running VPS. This enables you to get all the advantages of a dedicated server root access, your own IP addresses, to install any OS and software, etc., at a lower price.

You are not limited in settings and administration by a virtual private server - you are granted full root access.

Using VPS web hosting, you remain independent from other projects on this server.

The cost of renting a virtual server is significantly lower than renting a dedicated server.

KVM VPS hosting also means high performance.

Flexibility in operation - you can change the configuration of the server. For example, you can change the disk size, RAM, or processor power at any time.

VPS is a virtual server that uses OS-based virtualization. In terms of management, a VPS is similar to a dedicated server.

A dedicated server can be represented as a physical machine. Most often, are used for projects that have relatively high resource requirements and projects that need their own server.

The distinctive difference between a VPS and a dedicated server is the physical representation and price. Dedicated servers may be more expensive than you expect, in which case buying fully managed VPS hosting is an acceptable alternative.

Of course! You can always rent a dedicated server by Hostinc and transfer your project to it from a managed VPS hosting. All data will be transferred quickly, for free, and, most importantly, without stopping the work of the website or project. To do this, you just need to send a request to technical support and wait a little until our specialists carry out the transfer and notify you.

You will get access to the VPS hosting usually within a few minutes (up to several hours, depending upon the time of day) after paying for the order. Information about access to the purchased server will be sent to the email address that you specified when registering on the site.

If you have any problems getting access to an already purchased virtual private server, you can contact Hostinc technical support. We'll figure out what the problem is.

To test the VPS hosting dedicated server, you can use the trial period before renting a virtual server. The test version supports all the features, and is in no way different from the paid one.

To get a trial period for a virtual private server, you need to make a special application (we wrote about this in more detail .

If the selected VPS did not suit you, then you won’t be charged for the test period. If you decide to continue working and buy a virtual dedicated server, the testing time will be taken into account in the first payment period.

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?

Personal VPN Want to keep your privacy online? Use a personal VPN with a static IP address and a dedicated DNS server.
From$5.00 /mo
Data Storage Use an additional secure location by Hostinc to store your data to avoid downtime and information theft.
From$1.00 /mo

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