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Our Services

True Technical
   6 Years of
> 50,000
VPSVirtual private servers ensure the continuous operation of every type of online project. Adaptable VPS options for all sizes of projects.
From $5.00 /mo
Dedicated ServersDedicated Servers are demand of High Traffic Websites that requires quality resources. Grab the best Dedicated Server with high performance today.
From $60.00 /mo
Data Storage Hostinc provides additional RAM for data storage and backups to you. Your own, secure cloud storage for any complexity of infrastructure.
From$1.00 /mo
Dedicated VPNBy hosting a virtual private network (VPN) with a dedicated IP address and a private DNS server, you may securely and privately online with Hostinc.
From$5.00 /mo

  • Our Commitment to Excellence

    Our dedication to excellence in offering premium IP-dedicated server solutions is what drives us at Hostinc. Our team of professionals ensures that you receive the best hosting services serve to your specific needs by combining years of industry experience with a passion for innovation.

    Why Go with Hostinc-256?

  • Free tools for designers and developers.

    • SSD Disk with latest technology for fastest speed.
    • All servers are protected by powerful anti-DDos.
    • Merged with secure and scalable infrastructure.
    • Easy and fast service management.
    • Best tools for web development.

What We Offer

  • IP Dedicated Servers

    Explore our range of IP dedicated servers, each optimized for performance and reliability. Choose the plan that aligns with your specific requirements.

    Custom Solutions

    We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

    Data Center Locations

    Hostinc-256 provides server hosting in strategically located data centers, ensuring low latency and optimal performance for your audience worldwide.

  • Join Hostinc.In Today

    Experience hosting like never before with Hostinc-256 IP Dedicated Server. Whether you're launching a new website, managing a complex application, or seeking a reliable hosting partner, we have the expertise and infrastructure to support your journey. Join us today, and let's build a seamless and powerful online presence together.

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